I am male in his mid-30’s working in the entertainment industry. I initially met with Glenda Reid because I was dealing with a high level of anxiety and stress in both my professional and personal life. In my work with Glenda, she has helped me both understand and learn to control my anxiety and also how to mitigate and deal with stress. She is professional, friendly and always easy to talk to. I would recommend her to the highest degree.

I am man and an attorney, and have been meeting with Glenda for over a year. I feel that I have made real progress and I attribute it to her professional skills. I have gone to two other therapists previously but was not able to achieve the same amount of progress. This is not a criticism of the other therapists, but I find that Glenda’s finely tuned listening skills give her the ability to interject or react at the right moment in the sessions in order to bring my attention to an important point or to delve further into an area that needs further examination. I find myself motivated to be more participatory and pro-active in addressing my own life’s challenges. I want to thank her for all the help she has given to me.

I am so thankful I have started going to therapy. After the loss of some close family members, a traumatic car accident, and a demanding career where I deal with death constantly, I knew I need to start therapy. I have since learned tools and strategies to help me cope and how to navigate through my life’s biggest struggles. It’s draining to process these situations sometimes, but the weight that gets lifted when you leave makes it all worth it. Thank you Glenda, for empowering me!

I have nine years of therapy experience and I have been with Glenda for the last two years. As a woman, it was difficult to find a woman that I could trust but in those two years I have experienced clarity and tranquility that I had not reached previously. Being an Oncology nurse, I see a lot of suffering and hopelessness, but therapy has allowed me to appreciate my inner strength and learn to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.